Reclaiming Adelaide E-Book


As Adelaide fights for her survival, pursued by a relentless adversary and haunted by her past, she must navigate a treacherous path where the boundaries of morality become blurred. Meanwhile, Jake grapples with his duty and his growing feelings for Adelaide, becoming entangled in a dangerous game of trust and betrayal.

Trigger Warnings: Some situations may be uncomfortable. Please use discretion.


  • Alpha Hero
  • Touch Her or Die
  • Obsessive/Possessive
  • Age-Gap
  • Hacker
  • Vigilante
  • Billionaire
  • Thriller/Suspense

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This final book is completely filled to the brim with steam, angst, aggravation, page-turning insanity, and, finally, a conclusion that was all I’d hoped for. Heather H. Goodreads Reviewer

With secrets exposed and the shadows of the past haunting her every step, Adelaide finds herself thrust into a relentless game of survival. Now on the run, she battles not only the relentless pursuit of an unforeseen adversary but also the tumultuous emotions that threaten to overwhelm her. As she seeks refuge in the shadows to shield her loved ones from danger, Adelaide must navigate a treacherous path, where the lines between right and wrong blur in the face of desperation.

Jake, determined to bring her back to face the consequences of her actions, becomes an unwitting pawn in a dangerous game involving a covert faction. The conflict between his duty and the undeniable pull of his heart forces him into an intricate dance of trust and betrayal, loyalty and self-preservation.


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