Corrupting Ivy E-book


In a world where heroes and monsters blur the lines, a chance encounter throws the Ivy into the spotlight and shatters her anonymity. As danger surrounds her, she is drawn to a mysterious figure rumored to be plagued by inner demons. Will she succumb to the allure of darkness or find the strength to resist?

Trigger Warnings: Abduction, Abusive Relationship, Assault, Attempted Murder, Blood, Bones, Car Accident, Child Abuse, Death, Emotional Abuse, Fire, Gun Violence, Hospitalization, Hostages, Kidnapping, Murder, Mentions of Necrophilia, Physical Abuse, Stalking, Torture, Violence.


  • Psychopath
  • Strong Female Lead
  • Antihero
  • Serial Killer
  • Small Town
  • Forced Proximity
  • Twisted Past
  • Touch Her and Die

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Holy mother and everything hot and suspenseful. Ann has woven a tale that grabbed me by the throat and demanded all my attention. This story is dark, gritty, raw, emotional and so much more. It’s a journey of two people colliding together, a fight for survival, and proof that people can survive the darkness.Marcie – Goodreads Reviewer

There are no heroes in this story, only monsters disguised as them.

I wanted to stay hidden… anonymous.


But fate had other plans.


After stumbling upon a grim scene that threw me into the spotlight, my life is turned upside down, and I’m no longer safe.


Then he walked in.


The one everyone warned me about.


He’s rumored to have more demons than Hell.


But the devil can be oh so tempting…


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