Blackstone Tech Series - Book 1

His Obsession

I’ve watched her, looked after her, and now I need to protect her.


Alek operates, unapologetically, in a dark and violent underworld, where the ruthless determination he exerts there brings him and his long time friends to the top of their game.

Loyalty is key, and what binds their friendship together.

When Alek comes into Liz’s world following a chance meeting she isn’t even aware of, his obsession is born, and with it the determination to protect her at all costs from a violent past that will come to threaten them both.

More alike than they can know, loyalty and determination have driven Liz through a life that should have made her weak and vulnerable, but instead only made her stronger.  Though steamy encounters with Alek cloud her judgement, Liz fights him every step of the way, pushing the skills of his team and his patience to the limit as they approach an inevitable showdown.

Obsession, desire, and revenge drive a tale of dark secrets, and a race against time.

Told in first person POV and contains HEA

Warning: This is a dark romance novel with triggers. If you are sensitive in any way, please use discretion.

Blackstone Tech Series - Book 2

Corrupting Ivy

There are no heroes in this story, only monsters disguised as them.

I wanted to stay hidden… anonymous.

But fate had other plans.

After stumbling upon a grim scene that threw me into the spotlight, my life is turned upside down, and I’m no longer safe.

Then he walked in.

The one everyone warned me about.

He’s rumored to have more demons than Hell.

But the devil can be oh so tempting…

WARNING: This book is a DARK/ANTI HERO romance. It contains graphic content of murder and reference to child abuse that some readers may be particularly sensitive to. If you are sensitive in any way, proceed with caution.

Blackstone Tech Series - Book 3

Decoding Adelaide

Jake Murray excited me.
He drew me away from my computer and taught me how to experience the world away from my screen.
He showed me there was more to life than just hacking and gaming.
But I betrayed him.
Now, he’s searching for answers, and I’ll do anything to make sure he doesn’t find them, no matter the cost.
And that may be a price I never expected to pay.

Blackstone Tech Series - Book 4

Reclaiming Adelaide

Just Released!

I thought she was my everything, the one. We had so much in common and I fell hook, line, and sinker.
But it was just a scheme.
She betrayed me.
Now someone is after her and it isn’t me.
Can I put my feelings aside in order to keep her safe? Or do I let them have her, and take her final secret to the grave?