All I wanted was to find my brother after he disappeared. I didn’t plan on somebody trying to make me disappear, too.


All in a day’s work for the Moreno Family’s feistiest enforcer.

When the twists begin to fly and I’m turned in new directions, I realize there’s more to my brother’s sudden disappearance than meets the eye. Thankfully, I’ve got plenty of knowledge, and muscle, in my corner:

The Underboss, ruthless and protective.

The Consigliere, my calm in the storm.

The Capo, my wild ace in the hole.

As if I didn’t have enough to deal with trying to find my brother, somebody is also trying to kill me. Are they trying to stop me from finding my brother? They picked the wrong enforcer to mess with.

Trigger Warnings included for the entire series: Abduction, Abusive Relationship, Amputation, Animal Death, Assault, Attempted Murder, Blood, Bullying, Car Accident, Child Abuse, Death, Drugs, Emotional Abuse, Fire, Gun Violence, Hospitalization, Hostages, Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Murder, Physical Abuse, Prostitution, Spiders, Torture, Violence.


  • Why Choose
  • Italian Mafia
  • Badass FMC
  • Antiheroes
  • Psychopath
  • Harley Quinn Vibes
  • Suspense
  • Degradation
  • Forbidden Love


Tensions are rising for the Moreno Family’s most ruthless enforcer…


I’m so close to finding my brother, I can feel it. But now  there’s a new problem thrown into the mix. A young girl has been sold to  the cartel, and I can’t stand by and watch that happen.

With a  new enemy on my tail, I’m not sure who I can trust… or how to navigate  the increasingly steamy encounters with these men. Luca isn’t one to  take no for an answer, Nico is my only voice of reason, and 

Max is wild  as hell. How can I find a way to make them all happy?

And when the FBI show up with some hard-hitting questions? They don’t buy my answers—and neither does my father.

Packed with exhilarating romance and riveting action to keep you on  the edge of your seat, this thrilling reverse harem mafia romance is a  wild ride you’re not going to want to miss. 


Deep in hostile territory, her life is on the line…


When the missing girl is found, Charity must wade into enemy territory to save her. The danger escalates and she must decide whether to waive her standing moral code or keep to it, defying an order.

With Agent Harding on her trail and watching her every move, Charity’s unstoppable drive to exact her own special brand of vengeance on Father Kane could be the irrevocable step that gives Harding what he doggedly pursues. The evidence to confirm all his suspicions of the Moreno family’s enforcer.

See what happens as Charity treads a dark path to justice, while the three men who cherish her fight to protect her every step of the way.

Get ready for the next scintillating Dark Romance novel in the Moreno Mafia series.

Warning: This book contains subject matter that may be disturbing for some readers.


With betrayal staring her down and duty pulling her in, Charity’s list of scores to settle is longer than ever.


Retribution ends in death – but not by her hands.

A change of direction – and her mark – explosively backfires. Trust is one of the few luxuries she can’t afford now, and the supposedly innocent may be hiding enough secrets to take down a family.

If she wants to make it out alive, and with her men at her side, one thing is abundantly clear. The Moreno family’s deadliest enforcer is going to need to watch her back.

A Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance that contains explicit content, drug use, alcohol, violence, and murder. Proceed with caution.