My Work

     Ann-Marie Davis is simultaneously sarcastic  and witty and swears a tad too much. But she wouldn’t have it any other way. As the daughter of 2 Marines and a driller, toughness, tenacity, and  the ability to adjust at a moment’s notice were stalwarts of her  childhood.

    She has traveled from coast-to-coast in the US. No  matter where she was, there was always a story in her head, or in her  hand. Her reading genres of choice are dark romance, fantasy, reverse  harem, and not necessarily in that order.

    Ann-Marie attributes  her strong-willed nature to having strong military parents and an intimidating Harley loving stepfather. Music is her muse these days,  helping her dream up new stories and characters. She loves to garden,  ride horses, and to spend time outdoors with her kids. If asked, she’d  tell you she prefers camping in the mountains over life in a big city.

    She currently lives in Texas with her husband and children.

    This where I tell you that I write dark, twisted romance that will have you sitting back in your seat wondering what the hell just happened. I like to keep my readers in a constant state of angst and suspense and so far that seems to be the consensus.


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