Charity’s Vengeance -Ebook


Trigger Warnings included for the entire series: Abduction, Abusive Relationship, Amputation, Animal Death, Assault, Attempted Murder, Blood, Bullying, Car Accident, Child Abuse, Death, Drugs, Emotional Abuse, Fire, Gun Violence, Hospitalization, Hostages, Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Murder, Physical Abuse, Prostitution, Spiders, Torture, Violence.


  • Why Choose
  • Italian Mafia
  • Badass FMC
  • Antiheroes
  • Psychopath
  • Harley Quinn Vibes
  • Suspense
  • Degradation
  • Forbidden Love

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Deep in hostile territory, her life is on the line…

When the missing girl is found, Charity must wade into enemy territory to save her. The danger escalates and she must decide whether to waive her standing moral code or keep to it, defying an order.

With Agent Harding on her trail and watching her every move, Charity’s unstoppable drive to exact her own special brand of vengeance on Father Kane could be the irrevocable step that gives Harding what he doggedly pursues. The evidence to confirm all his suspicions of the Moreno family’s enforcer.

See what happens as Charity treads a dark path to justice, while the three men who cherish her fight to protect her every step of the way. 

Get ready for the next scintillating Dark Romance novel in the Moreno Mafia series.

Warning: This book contains subject matter that may be disturbing to some readers.

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