The Harbinger Ebook


Mia, having lost her memory and caught in a sinister society, faces a dangerous psychopath, Sacha, who both threatens her and offers protection. Despite recognizing his danger, Mia finds herself drawn to Sacha, and their intense bond could bring about catastrophic consequences for both of their worlds.



TRIGGER LIST: Abduction, Anal Play, Animal Death/Off Page, Anxiety, Assault, Blood Drinking, Blood Play, Body Mutilation, Coercion, Control, Cults, Death, Degradation, Depression, Disembowelment, Drowning, Drugs, Dubious Consent, Eating Disorder, Electrocution, Emotional Abuse, Exhibitionism, Experimental Medical Procedures, Fictitious Satanic and Demonic Worship, Force Proximity, Hallucinations, History Of Trauma, Human Sacrifice, Kidnapping, Knife Play, Mental Health Conditions, Manipulation, Murder, Occult, Orgasm Control/Torture, Panic Attacks, Parental Death, Poisoning, Praise, Primal, PTSD, Sadomasochism, Self-Harm, Sexual Asphyxiation, Sexual Assault, Spanking, Spitting, Starvation, Stockholm Syndrome, Substance Abuse/Addiction, Suicidal Ideations/Off Page Attempt/Threats/Flashbacks, Torture, Violence, Voyeurism

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What do you do when you’ve caught the eye of a psychopath?

On the run with no memory, Mia is thrust into an evil, secret society which threatens her very existence.

But they are the least of her worries…

He’s cunning, deadly, and desperate to possess her, not to mention, the only one who can protect her… if he chooses.

Sacha’s all wrong for her, but his darkness draws her back into his twisted web.

Maybe she’s mad, maybe it’s the drugs, but there are few certainties…

He’s trouble.

She’s falling for him.

And their binding might burn both of their worlds to the ground.


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